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Over the years schools, colleges, law enforcement agencies, psychologists, forensic scientists, private investigators, television new agencies, Hollywood screen writers, authors, the general public and many more have purchased our publications. Our goal is to give our readers the best selection of unusual and hard to find readings on a variety of informative subjects.


LEGAL STATEMENT: We Do Not sell information on explosives or drugs. All publications are for adults only.

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 HOTEL SAVE TRICK   If you only order one publication from us, make it this one! This is for everybody, from the business man, to the party animal! This publication shows you a simple method on how to get a room at a hotel of your choice, for a 30%-50% discount. No advance reservations, no joining a travel club crap, no sleazy tricks or gimmicks are used here. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about using this method, in fact, you will be proud! This well kept secret is not to be used to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars with.
 GARAGE DOOR HACKING   Need to open an automatic garage door? Building your very own “Garage Door Opener Hacker is made simple with our complete step- by-step instructions. Garage door hacking can be fun and exciting, imagine your neighbors eyes, seeing their garage door going up and down! Imagine someone opening your own garage door, using this simple, readily available device, and Robbing You Blind! Sleep on that tonight! “Don’t Let This Happen”. Oh, by the way, this publication will also show how to prevent this type of device from opening your own garage door. Gee, how nice. It’s illegal to go around and open every garage door in town, but nice to know, for it can happen to you!
 DIAL A TAP   Now from the comfort of your own home, you can tap into someone's phone conversation. We will show you a simple plan where you can listen to telephone conversations by dialing, numbers in sequence. No electronic devices used. The two parties will not know they are being monitored, and you will leave no-trace! This is great for people who are suspicious about a lover messing around on them. You may listen in to a person in NY talking to someone in CA,and you can be in TEXAS! All you need to know is their telephone number and the know-how as described in this publication! This can be used for fun or some very serious business.This is really amazing, but scary, because it could happen to you and you would never know it! The police may be using this method on you. SO LEARN THE SECRET!
 HACKING ONSTAR   The OnStar System is becoming more and more common as GM installs it by default in many of their vehicles. At the heart of this system is a GPS receiver, manufactured by Motorola, called the Oncore. Once you make a serial connection to this Oncore GPS, you can recieve real-time positioning information on your Laptop or PDA - In either Motorola's proprietary (but well documented) format, or in standard NMEA format. In order to do this, you will need the following items: A vehicle with OnStar RS232-to-TTL Serial Level Converter Torx T-10 (star shaped) screwdriver/bit Solder Iron/Solder Screwdriver/Wire Stripper/Pliers, etc.
 BUILD A BUG   Six plans for you here. Complete detailed drawings. Will work off your FM radio. Can be worn as a body wire or hidden in a room, etc. Super small, with long range! Also a telephone bug. Listen to those forbidden secrets! So get your plans for viewing today!
 YOU'VE BEEN BUSTED   Written by a detective. Learn how to get out, from the time of the arrest, to initial questioning and booking. This publication gives you exact examples of all questions and tricks that they will try to use on you! Learn step-by-step instructions on how to deal with this BS! Someday you will need this. Don’t wait until your busted to get this info, because you will need to use this information from that exact moment! Don’t get caught unprepared!!! This is a large detailed publication that everyone should read to see how the system works.
 TOP 10 SCAMS   This is for the person who thinks he, or she, knows everything! Step-by-step instructions on how the scams work, and what to look out for. Investment scams, phony prizes, advertising scams, auto purchasing and lease scams, health club and the newest, the identity theft. These are not old scams you hear about on television. This is the newest underground info. This is just a small example of the newest scams listed in this under- ground publication. These scam artist make thousands, or millions! These scams are the newest, and are not to be used!
 SCIENCE OF LOCK PICK GUNS   Ever since keyed locks were invented thousands of years ago, man has attempted to circumvent the need for keys by picking them. And it was only a matter of time before special tools and machines would be developed in an effort to make this tedious job faster and easier. In the early 1930's, locksmiths began developing "guns" that used mechanical or electrical energy to speed up the picking process. Here's an article for those who thoroughly understand the practice of manual lock picking and would like to know more about the details of lock pick guns and how they work.
 FREE ELECT, GAS, WATER   Would you like to save money on your gas, water, and electric bill, or even cut it to nothing? Now you can, quickly and easily! Super method on each of these! This publication could save you hundreds of dollars! Fool-proof methods! This is a must- have publication! Spend your money on something else for awhile!
 HOW TO STEAL   Forbidden Underground Info! This publication will you how crooks steal and rob. It will show you, from the simplest, to the most high tech methods of stealing. How to deal with security and alarm systems. How to break in and steal from houses, stores, vending machines, you name it! This publication goes in step-by-step details, from planning what to wear, high tech equipment to use, and what to do if you get caught. For those of you out there who want to protect yourself, this publication will scare the hell out of you!
 WIPE OUT DEBTS   It seems that in today's society, one lives by being in debt in today's credit-oriented society. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with owing money to someone. The majority of businesses get started by borrowing money. It becomes wrong when you get into debt over your head and when creditors begin to call and harass you. Well, now it is time to do something about it and not have your debts worry you all the time.
 INSTANT LOANS   Need an instant short term loan? If not now, you may someday, so put this publication in a safe place. This publication shows you how to do just that, easily. NO INTEREST CHARGE! Anyone can do this. This publication will explain this secret little trick, that is as good as gold, in detail. Follow the steps and have your instant loan the next day! We are talking hundreds, or even thousands of dollars here! This is not some kind of BS like you see in the back of some magazine, (borrow $50,000.00 overnight crap), this is the Hacker way! Many people use this secret method to borrow money, then invest it to make more money. It’s simple, and now the secret can be yours.
 BRUCE LEE SECRETS   Every martial artist would like to know how and what made Bruce Lee such a devastating fighter. Eventhough a lot of people associated with Bruce Lee or many claimed to have trained him or trained with him, I can safely say that not many of them were privileged to his secret training method.
  INTERROGATION   How some people trick the interrogator. Doing what they do best always carries the risk of someone, somewhere, wanting to hold them for questioning. In this publication they give those persons who never have been exposed to this type of thing a little insight to the methods that are in use. They have the edge they need to come away "sin faulta". In fact, these interrogation practices are used a lot by local police, the FBI and Secret Service. To get the information from you that you probably don't want to give out. Learn they deceive, or hinder, any attempts of the interrogator to get information out of them
 FBI KNOCKING?   What do I do now?..... with this publication you will know exactly what to do...... you will learn the answers the following questions. 1.What is Political Intelligence? 2.Do I have to talk to the FBI? 3.Under what laws do the agents operate? 4.What federal agencies are likely to be interested in a citizen's political activities and affiliations? 5.How does the FBI learn about citizens and organizations? 6.What if I suspect surveillance? 7.How should I respond to threatening letters or calls? 8.What rights do I have? 9.What should I do if police, FBI, or other agents appear with an arrest or search warrant? 10.What should I do if agents come to question me? 11.If I don't cooperate, doesn't it look like I have something to hide? 12.Are there any circumstances under which it is advisable to cooperate with an FBI investigation? 13.How can grand juries make people go to jail? 14.Is there any way to prevent grand jury witnesses from going to jail? 15.What can lawyers do?
 BRAINWASHING   The birth of Conversion Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735. The Pavlovian explanation of the three brain phases. Born-again preachers. Step-by-step, how they conduct a revival and the expected physiological results. The "voice roll" technique used by preachers, lawyers and hypnotists. New trance-inducing churches. -The 6 steps to conversion. The decognition process. Thought-stopping techniques. The "sell it by zealot” technique. True believers and mass movements. Persuasion techniques: "Yes set,” "Imbedded commands," "Shock and Confusion," and the "Interspersal Technique." Subliminals, Vibrato and ELF waves. Inducing trance with vibrational sound. Even professional observers will be "possessed" at charismatic gatherings. The "only hope" technique to attend and not be converted. Non-detectable Neurophone programming through the skin. The medium for mass takeover.
 TAP YOUR NEIGHBOR   Tap your neighbor's phone line. Complete method, this can be done easily! Find out what's going on! DO NOT DO THIS, IT IS ILLEGAL! You do not have to enter the house!
 WARDRIVING  To start off, lets define the word “wardriving” : the act of locating and possibly exploiting connections to wireless local area networks while driving around a city or elsewhere. Wardriving can be a very useful tool if you don’t feel like paying a monthly fee for a high speed internet connection.
 DEBUGGING TECHNIQUES   Hacking surveillance. Very high tech info that is a must to know. This is not your typical publication that just tells you law enforcement frequencies. Mobil Surveillance Repeaters frequencies, listed by state. (all states are different) MIKE and BUG, REMOTE CONTROL SURVEILLANCE TRANSMITTERS frequencies, (these can be turned on and off by remote control), and new VEHICLE TRACKING TRANSMITTERS, for cars, cargo shipments, or packages, and MOTION DETECTORS. This is a very interesting publication to add to your collection.
 HIGHWAY RADAR JAMMER   This is a method to continuously Jam any signal with radar signal of your own! We have tested this with the cooperation of a local cop, and found that his unit reads random numbers when our car approached him! It is surprisingly easy to make a low power radar transmitter. This will also cause other drivers radar detectors to go off, it is really funny watching them hit their brake lights, so have fun and save money on tickets too!
 ELEVATOR TRICK   Tired of being on an elevator and someone else gets on every floor you go down to? Well I was also, until I found out you could skip the floors that people would like to get on at. This works best in big office buildings with 30 floors and it sometimes takes like 15 minutes to get to floor 1. This is a really simple trick to do.
 PIRATE RADIO   Would you like to own and operate your own pirate radio station? Now you can! We will show you the know-how to be on your own way! Have your own live underground show! It is relatively easy to access the necessary equipment.
 HANDCUFFS ESCAPE   Yes, sooner or later in our career we may run into the most unpleasant lock of them all “The Hand- cuff Lock!" Knowing how to get out of these could mean life in the hole! Don't panic! Stage magic- ians have made a living getting out of handcuffs, and that’s not because they are hard to open! You just have to know how, as in the methods described in this publication!
 GOING FISHING FOR $$   Don't let the big one get away, fish the right way, and more important, at the right place * at your local bank and money changers! This is a quick and simple method to get quick cash from a local bank, coke machines and money changers! Learn the methods many cons use to get quick cash!
 AUTOMOBILE SABOTAGE   More problems for that guy seeing your girlfriend or ex-wife? How about that idiot that gave you that door chip. There are many good reasons to sabotage a person's car. This publication shows you from the simple methods, to high tech methods that even mechanics can't figure out! Some methods will take months before they start frying their engine. Learn how to blow their muffler right off their car! Many tricks described! Get your plans today!
 COKE AND CASH   Have you ever wanted to get something for nothing? Well, here's a way to teach you how to do just that with vend ing and change machines. The method of obtaining so das and change is really quite simple. Obtain as many sodas and as much change as you would like.
 QUICK-CHANGE ARTIST   Many people are looking for easy ways to make money, and this way seems to be one of the easiest. Anyone can do this! This publication explains differ ent rip-off schemes used by the pros.
 CREDIT CARD FORMULA   Most people know thet VISA credit cards start with 4, MASTERCARD starts with 5, AMERICAN EXPRESS with 6. But the last digit has formula! It's the check digit for the whole card. Learn how to calculate it easily and you can make up your own credit card numbers!
 PRODUCT CODE FORMULA   How about those sets of black bars you see on virtually every product whenever you go to the grocery store? They are everywhere—from books, to supplies for us phreak’s. This publication shows how one could quickly alter those little black bars. Why pay more than you have to? Get something that cost $9.95 for $1.95If
 MAKE A CREDIT CARD   That’s right! Some people make their own valid credit cards. If you do not possess morals, this is for you! This publication contains extremely damaging materials about the account making algorithm for AMERICAN EXPRESS.
 MAKE A TV STATION   This is not hard to do. Construct a clandestine televi sion station, which you can operate from your home. a remote location—or even go mobile! Start your own late night show "Late Night with Mr. Phreak". Tell your friends to tune in! All the parts are available commercially! Have your own fan club! and hey, don't do this!
 BLOTTO BOX   You could hold AT&T down on its knees with this device. Because quite simply, it can turn off the phone lines everywhere. Nothing. Blotto. No calls will be allowed out of an area code, and no calls will be allowed in. No calls can be made inside it for that matter, as long as the switching system stays the same, this box will not stop at a mere area code. It will stop at nothing. The electrical impulses that emit from this box will open every line. Every line will ring and ring and ring, the voltage will never be cut off until the box/generator is stopped. This is no 200 volt job here. We are talking GENERATOR!
 CALL WAITING TAP   So, you have an enemy who talks behind your back, eh? Or maybe you just would like to "listen" in on your friends conversations? Well, if you have 2 phone lines and call waiting on one of them. you are in luck. (Only one problem your friend must also have call waiting!)
 COMPUTER DESTROYING DISK   This is a simple plan. Detailed instructions on how to make a computer destroying disk! Just simply change their disk with yours. Their computer will melt—and completely destroy the computer.
 STINK B0MB   This makes rotten eggs smell like flowers! Will immediately clear out a business, school, or whatever has pissed you off lately. No one can stand to stay around! Get your plans today
 OPEN A SAFE   This publication on safe cracking, via the "sound" method. This approach will not work on all safes, but keep in mind all the ones that it will. Of course this is presented as a matter of general information, and is by no means meant to be used for any purposes other than those of upmost legality!
 DO NOT DO IF ARRESTED  There is a wide variety of reactions by people who are being arrested. Some of these reactions are unwise but understandable. Others are self defeating to the point of being bizarre. No one plans to be arrested, but it might help to think just once about what you will do and not do if you ever hear the phrase "Put your hands behind you."
 CRACKING SOFTWARE   In this tutorial you will learn how to crack any type of software protection using W32Dasm and HIEW
 CHAIN LOCK PICKING   This file will describe one of the many ways to pick chain locks. A chain lock is one of those locks usually used in hotels and homes for added security, that is connected to the wall by the door and strung between the door (the side with the knob) and the wall. On the door there is a track that the knob on the end of the chain slides in. When the door is opened (with the lock locked) it is held back by the chain, leaving a mini mal amount of room (3-4 in) allowing things like an eye (to see who's there), an arm (most arms), a gun, a small pipe bomb, etc... to get through. This open- ing can be taken to YOUR advantage when you use the extremely simple device this publication shows you how to make.
 GET THE WOMEN YOU DESIRE   A Down And Dirty Guide To Dating And Seduction For The Man Who's Fed Up With Being Mr. Nice Guy. Unfortunately, when you deal with women, you may often find yourself in that type of situation. They expect you to play by the rules, but they feel perfectly free to do whatever THEY want. Enough is Enough!
 MONEY TRANSFER FRAUD   Hey there Karders, Another fine publication here! Money transfer fraud at its best! Lean the steps taken by professional cons.This is very illegal, you know! Get the facts!
 FLY FOR FREE   Yes we did say legal! Rome, France, Japan or anywhere. No BS! Its true! Anyone can do this over and over after reading this info! No-working for the airlines if that what you are thinking
 CAR TRACER   Want to be bond, "James Bond? Then build this simple to make bumper-beeper. It attaches to the un derside of a car with magnets and then sends out a signal that can be heard on your radio. Build from Radio Shack parts. Complete diagram.
 BUG DETECTOR   Simple Plans Think your room or office has been bugged? Or how about someone wearing a wire? Well, this publication is for you! The parts will cost you Iess than $20.00 from Radio Shack. Can be tuned to sense radio-fre quency transmitters up to a mile away!
 MONEY LAUNDERING METHODS   Let’s say a guy has just come into about $100,000,000 and didn’t win any Boy Scout badges getting it. What does he do with it? He can’t keep it in his house, because if the cops get a search warrant against him, a duffel bag filled with cash under the bed can be embarrassing!! This guy can’t win, can he? When you deal with banks, you leave tracks. You could spend a few thousand a year and attract no attention, but who wants to live on 5 digits a year, when you’ve got 7 digits laying around? Dirty money must be laundered in order for it to truly become your cash. The methods for doing this vary, depending on certain circumstances. Don’t use these methods---they are illegal!
 CIA BRAINWASHING   Simple Plans There is no question that an individual can be broken psychologically by captors with knowledge and will ingness to persist in techniques aimed at deliberately destroying the integration of a personality. Although it is probable that everyone reduced to such a con fused, disoriented state, will respond to the introduction of new beliefs, this cannot be stated dogmatically. This large detail publication describes in-depth, de tailed techniques used by the CIA. Not to be used ille gally.
 FAX MACHINE SABOTAGE   For you phreaks who like to give people a bad day. Perfect for a business, school, or a library that's pissed you off lately. Or just for fun! You do not have to own a fax machine, we will show you harsh methods that are simple. Attack them day or night—be a real pain in the butt. We are not talking sending weird faxes. We are talking about putting their fax machine out of business.
 WIRE TAPPING   Everyone has at some time wanted to hear what a friend, the principle, the prom queen, or a neighbor has to say on the phone. There are several easy ways to tap into a phone line. None of the methods presented involve actually entering the house. You can do everything from the back yard! The publication will discuss four methods of tapping a line, in order of increasing difficulty. With the help of our favorite store, Radio Shack, wire tapping is made simple. This publication takes you step-by-step through different methods that require no skill. Anyone can do this, from tape recorders, to wireless taps, this publication tells all! It is illegal to tap someone’s phone line.
 HACKING VOICE MAIL   Goes into great depth on how to hack voice mail boxes and set up your own voice mail box for free! Stunning in deed! This large publication takes you step- by-step! From passwords, to avoiding detection. Set up an 800 number for your friends and associates. Make long distance calls which will be billed to the operating company. GREAT! Do not do anything contained in this publication.
 CELLPHONE FRAUD   The bigs players! How they operate and huge payoffs. Secrets of the trade here! Not to be used!
 HARASSMENT REVENGE   All of us have, at one time or another, wanted to "get" someone. For various motives, such as jealousy, revenge, the desire to right some injustice, we wish to see someone harmed or at least to be made to feel extremely uncomfortable. If we act impulsively, in a fit of anger, we may wind up in jail facing a charge of assault. Fortunately most of us do not lose our tempers easily. It's a lot safer that way. Often, too, the situation doesn't look the same to us the next morning, after we've cooled off and had a chance to think calmly and rationally about it. If it doesn’t you need to make the person who screwed you, life a living nightmare! You don’t want to forgive or forget what they have done to you! You are at the boiling point for HARASSMENT & REVENGE!!! This publication will show you that indeed!
 TIME DELAYED   SELF-DISINTEGRATING CHECKS This is what you call Top Secret information. This manufacturing process is the most effective technique devised. This process offers two distinct advantages over other techniques. First, a secret ink is required to initiate self-destruction; therefore, premature self-destruction is eliminated. Second, the paper will completely evaporate. Step-by-step process of making disintegrating checks and inks. Before this check hits the bank, it will vanish! (evaporate) Leaves no trace a check ever existed! Very illegal
 DISAPPEARING INK   This is not the novelty inks found in stores! This is ille gal!! The DISAPPEARING INK formula will completely disappear within 24 hours after use. Not to be used to write checks with. etc... The APPEARING INK is great! It is completely invisible when first used, then it will become visible with perfect results within 30 minutes. Not to be used to mark out, or write "void" on a check. Banks will not cash a check of any form that has been voided. Both formulas are simple, anyone could make these inks in a few minutes and simply place in a fountain pen as shown in this publication.
 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HACKING My attention was drawn by our many readers to the fact that there hasn't been a good intro- publication written for absolute beginners. This publication tells you from, ”What is Hacking," "Code of Ethics," "Hacking Safety, “Identifying a Computer," “How to Hack In,” “Operating System Defaults." and the list goes on... One may find some very useful info in the systems.
 HOW TO FLIRT   How To Flirt And Why. Huge Ebook. I want to talk about the concept of "flirting", and why it's SO important that you understand exactly what it is and how to do it with women. To begin with, women know what flirting is, and they respond VERY differently to flirting communication than they do to typical social communication. If you understand flirting and sexual tension, you can begin conversations with women and have them INSTANTLY feeling ATTRACTION for you. If you DON'T understand how flirting and sexual tension work, then you're either going to have to become famous or make a LOT of money to be successful with women.
 AAA CREDIT SECRETS   300 pages There's only one way that people are freeing themselves from the shackles of bad credit and that is to create a new credit file on themselves within the credit bureau's computer system. This new file won't have any of your previous credit on it. And as you read on you'll see exactly how to make sure that only your new credit file surfaces when someone is running a credit check on you. This sounds complicated but it's very simple as you'll see
 GAMBLING RING   Opening up a gambling ring can mean Big Bucks! Publication tells how they do it! Information is offered for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. The procedures are illegal. Any user of these procedures may end up in jail!
 SOCIAL SECURITY SCAM   Ever wanted to get your share of Government hand outs? Big businesses do, big farmers do,who in turn kick it right back to the politicians and Government red tape. Why not make Uncle Sam kick some of it down to the little people! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Here's how!
 REFUND SCAMS   This one works like a charm. The publication shows one how to eat free at fancy restaurants, obtain free food at grocery stores, and how to work the super coupon scam. Get free auto parts and cleaning supplies. Scam many stores at once for cash refunds. Some people make $100s in a few hours with these simple, yet very professional methods. Eliminate Food, Car Parts, Movies, and many more bills.
 HACKING SECRETS REVEALED  Huge E- Book. I will cover with you things that may scare you. Some things may even make you paranoid about having a computer. Don’t be discouraged though, as I will also tell you how to protect yourself. The reasons for telling you the 電irt・if you will is that I feel it important for you to know what is at risk. I wrote this manual as a guide. To show you how hackers gain access to your system using security flaws and programs
 FINGER-PRINTS   Step-by-step guide to altering your own fingerprints! Okay, you're probably thinking "But it's impossible to change your fingerprints! Everyone knows that!" Most people (including various flavors of cops) blindly believe that, but it just ain't true. So shake that particular bit of societal programming out of your head and read on.
 UNEMPLOYMENT SCAM   Work full-time, and draw unemployment! You have heard of people doing this, but this is how the super cons do it—told by the E- Man himself. Have two paying jobs, and only work at one. Step-by-Step Method on how this is done by the Pros, without get ting caught!
 EXPLODING PAINT   The process of making exploding paint is very simple, and takes only a few minutes. Place some on some paper, and place where mice or other crawling critters may be, put onto runner of desk drawers, place on the floor, in the pages of an open book. Use your imagi nation to be a real practical joker. When the paint dries, and is exposed to any outside effect, like heat or shock, the following reaction takes place. BANG! This can be dangerous!
 TENNIS BALL CANNON   Made from household items. The construction is very simple! It will propel a tennis ball hundreds of yards! Do not point in the direction of someone you do not like. This can be dangerous, and The Information Center assumes no responsibility for any mishap occurring as a result of this infor- mation.
 SECRET LANGUAGE   You will be amazed by this publication. The secret is a code that only you and your partners will know. Is your imagination wondering? This can be very useful. Talk on the phone, in front of your wife, or any one else with curious ears! The language is easy, flu ent, and quick to grasp
 LASER LISTENER   Large professional publication. Nothing is left out. Learn the tactics from A to Z !
 CAR THEFT GUIDE    The process of making exploding paint is very simple, and takes only a few minutes. Place some on some paper, and place where mice or other crawling critters may be, put onto runner of desk drawers, place on the floor, in the pages of an open book. Use your imagi nation to be a real practical joker. When the paint dries, and is exposed to any outside effect, like heat or shock, the following reaction takes place. BANG! This can be dangerous!
 DETECT A WIRETAP    You have a good chance of discovering the tap yourself, if you follow our instructions. A complete diagram is provided. Don't take any chances!
 INFINITY TRANSMITTER   Telephone line Grabber/Room Monitor. All new--the Ultimate in Home Office Security and Safety! Simple to use! Call your home or office phone, push a secret tone on your telephone keypad to access either (A) On-premises sounds and voices; or (B) Existing telephone conversation with break-in capability for emergency messages. CAUTION: Before assembly or use, check legalities with your State Attorney General's Office, as you may require beepers or other third party alerts.
 COIL GUN PLANS   Electromagnetic gun, projects an aluminum ring at high velocity! Portable and hand held. Uses 500 joules for velocities at several hundred feet per second! Dangerous Indeed!
 NIGHT VISION SCOPE   Pocket size. At last it's here! Plans to build your own pocket size, night vision scope! Can be used to fly a plane, or drive a car at night!
 PYRAMID SCHEME   Why would a person join a Pyramid Scheme, when they could setup their own Pyramid Scheme? "Think About It" How does this work? This publication will teach you just that!
 MAKE SYNTHETIC GEMS   This publication shows one how to create synthetic gems from readily available materials. Make gems similar to rubies, emeralds, sap phires, and diamonds.
 FLASH COTTON   Nitro cotton is a nitrated common cotton that is one of the most lively pranks there is. It is safe if handled correctly, and will always end up as the life of the party. It can be held in your open hand and set off with a cigarette. It burns with a POOF that is faster than flash powder, displays a bright orange flame, and leaves no noticeable residue. Put a wad of this cotton in an ash-tray, and scare the wits out of the best of them.
 POTATO CANNON   The potato cannon is a fun device, which is constructed of common materials that can be obtained at almost any hardware store. It uses a common “fuel", and can shoot a potato over 1000 feet. It is not, however, a toy. It can almost be considered a firearm. Therefore, it should be treated with respect. It shouId be used by minors only under strict adult supervision.
 BLASTER WAND PLANS   NOT a stun gun or cattle prod. We are talking blaster here! I mean, a large pulse of power! Your BNS 2 Blaster Wand is a high energy, high volt age device, capable of producing potentially severe electrical shocks and burns to living organism. It is intended to be used against unruly or vicious animals. Other uses include the surgical eradication of insects, such as Japanese beetles, and many general biologicaI and laboratory applications. The device should be considered, classified as a weapon, if used against personnel.
 BEAT A URINE TEST   Your job just called you in for a random drug test? What will you do!! If you have this publication, you will know exactly what to do to pass the test! Methods that work, no BS!
 WIRETAP LAWS   Written by the officials themselves! What evidence is needed, how long can a tap last, what is probable cause? A lot more is explained in this large publication. Learn the truth!
 COUNTERFEIT COINS   Professional homemade methods used by cons to make an exact replica of a coin. This would be very illegal if actually done! This would be a federal offense!
 PLASTIC BANK JOBS   Holdups are to dangerous for today's sophisticated bank robbers. Far better to steal electronic cash in scams that net close to $100 million a year! Learn how these highfliers operate and get very rich, very fast! From fake credit card to other high tech devices.
 THE PIGEON DROP   "Still works like a charm" This quick money making scam is still going strong! It's simple and quick. Detailed instructions. Anyone could get taken! Better Read this training manual! Fools even those so-called smart people. Not to be used!
 COUNTERFEIT MONEY   Step-by-step, detail-by-detail explanations are here. We are not talking copy machine here, we are talking about the real thing! Stunning info! Learn how the Cons work. SUPER ILLEGAL TO DO THIS, but not to just read about it. It is a federal crime to counterfeit money.
 AUTOMATIC DEBIT SCAM VISA & MC SCAMS "An automatic Debit Scam" Now there is another simple way cons steal someone's money. "Automatic Debit" They Steal the money right from their checking account. Yes, money can be taken from your bank account without you knowledge or authorization and you will suffer financial losses before you know it! Of course, this is very illegal for someone to do, but it can easily be done. How do you stop it? Well, this publication tells both sides of this scam.
 IDENTITY THEFT   Identity Theft: Stealing Your Name and Your Money in what many are calling America's fastest growing type of robbery, crooks are working without the usual tools of the trade. Forget sawed-offs and ski masks: your social security number will do the trick. Or that blank, preapproved credit application you tossed out with the coffee grounds. Even talking on your phone could allow someone you may never meet to rob you of the one thing you m3Y have thought safe from attack: your identity.
 CON A CASHIER   "Still works like a charm" The Hype! Written by "Super Con" A super trick that works! Tricks The cashier of any store etc..intogiving the the con man more change than they norrnally should. Also know as lying the note! This takes timing and knowledge of the ins and outs of this nice con job. This publications shows you step by step how this scam works. Cons love this because it is in possible to get caught, there is always a way in and out!
 CLEVER CON ARTIST   Everyone thinks he or she is too intelligent to be conned. You think your too sophisticated to get conned. You haven't met "Super Con!" The new con artist with new tricks that are immpossible to detect. "The E Man" tells you what are words and even the expressions used by today's Con Artist. Exact example are given in this publication.
 HIRE A HACKER   Stunning! Hackers are being paid $200.00 dollars an hour by large companies. What are they doing? Where do you look to hire a Hacker? There are big Bucks involved All answers are covered in this and more..
 ELEVATOR HACK TRICK Tired of being on an elevator and someone else gets on every floor you go down to? Well I was also, until I found out you could skip the floors that people would like to get on at.
 HYPNOSIS SECRETS   eBook, really mind-blowing info. Not to be used!
 CIA HYPNOSIS INTERROGATION   CIA hypnosis techniques used in interrogation.


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